Graduation Ceremony

8TH SEPTEMBER, 2022 Following the completion of an intense 14-week course, in which the students learnt the basics of C#, advanced topics such as databases (Entity framework & SQL) and webservers (.net web api) the students finally graduated in a ceremony held on 8th September 2022. The students were able to complete the course thanks to the outstanding teaching provided by Daniel, a teacher employed through our Nigerian entity (The Otukpo Tech Academy). They also received free lunches every day of the course.

The ceremony was graced with the presence of a local dignitary who has been our community stakeholder and had the honour of handing out the awards. Also joining virtually was a trustee and a volunteer who had run daily standups for the students, and supported them during their week-long final hackathon.

The students gave positive feedback on the success of the course and the impact it made in their lives. Captured below are some of their comments:

Patrick - “This course has indeed so beneficial to me, I was privileged to be on the 2021 course and also this year’s course. The knowledge I’ve gotten so far from the courses have created opportunities for me including a job I got to build a landing page, prospective developer work for a growing company, and a portfolio website I built for myself. I also signed up on Upwork a website for freelancers”

Isaac - “I have learnt a lot from this course and I appreciate the organisers. Currently I’m working towards building a website called File that connects musicians together where they get to display their art. I’m also working with a colleague of mine where we plan on building an app to solve transportation issues here in our locality”

Abigail - “With the knowledge I’ve gotten so far from Otukpo Tech Academy [Our Nigerian Entity], I am building a game”

Like all great events, it ended with a celebratory lunch (and emotional goodbyes from the students).

Group Photo